Imported Products

Milk is an element of primary importance for the purpose of proper nutrition. That’s why Milk Italy takes care of it processing with passion and competition. The preservation of organic characteristics in fact, milk is made in the most respect accurate hygiene standards through the use of components and materials more suitable and more advanced technologies.


Latte Arborea, i.e. Cooperativa 3A, is today the primary hub of the Sardinian dairy industry. Our numbers confirm this: 248 members representing many producers/farm owners located all over Sardinia. Every day, they deliver an average of 524,000 litres (approx. 922,000 Imperial pints) of milk produced on selected, specialist farms which together have some 50,000 head of Holstein and Brown Swiss cattle.

La Torrefazione Caffè Giusto was born in the heart of Irpinia and precisely in the municipality of Nusco at 914 meters above sea level in 1992. The unmistakable taste of the delicious coffee blends that are still selected by hand has immediately differentiated our company from the various competitors in the sector, becoming a leading company in the production of high quality coffee.

About the product:
  • Pack of 12 4.4-ounce boxes, each containing two cello packages (total of 52.8 ounces)
  • Authentic cracker-crisp Italian breadsticks (grissini)
  • Flavored with garlic and olive oil
  • All-natural ingredients; no cholesterol; no trans fat
  • Made in Italy

This drink is very suitable as an ingredient for the preparation of desserts but can also be used in the creation of traditional savory dishes such as mashed potatoes. Not only that, it is excellent for the preparation of fruit smoothies: just add fresh strawberries or bananas or a seasonal fruit. And from today the new 3x200ml format, which you can take and enjoy wherever you want.